Friday, April 30, 2010

Our little model :)

We have a sweet friend from our home group (Silla) who makes the cutest accessories for kids and moms! You can wear them in your hair, on your shoes, on your shirt even on your purse! She needed a little girl model for some of her hair bands for little girls, so, she kindly asked me if Mickaela could be a model for her website. She had a little photoshoot at our house with our other awesome photographer friend (Paul

You can see her sweet face and cute accessories at! I have been wearing my new purchases as well and get stopped all of the time. I told Silla I need to keep her business card with me because everyone wants to know where I got the cute flowers and accessories!

So now you know! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

15 Months old already...

Little miss turned 15 months old yesterday! She is so smart, sweet and she is such a joy to be around!

We went to the Dr. today for her check up here are her stats:

Height 90%
Weight 25%
Head 97%

She is rating at 18-20 months for Speech and social development (none of us were surprised...she loves to chat!)

She is right on track with walking and motor skills.

She did great at the Dr. got 3 shots and fell asleep in the car. She had the beginning of a sinus infection so we started antibiotics again today. She has been such a trooper!

She recently was able to spend a week with Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Mary, Uncle MD, Mackenzie and Molly in Houston while I went to visit Bug and Freddie in Miami and got to spend some time with our newest family member Fredrick Charles Gibson IV aka "Charlie"!

Mickaela and Tristan were playing well last Sunday and since we didn't take Easter photos we have these sweet brother sister pics :)...

Playing so sweet!

I think the hat looks nice :).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our week in pictures...



Everyone was ok! Praise the Lord!!!


Happy Birthday Mommy!


Birthday dinner...wish I would have taken a picture of the brisket tacos I had...they were YUUMMMY!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 Milestones

Our house is full of excitement with our little ones running around! This last week has been even more exciting, we have had two major milestones one for each!

Let's start with Tristan!

We have a routine for bath time in our house after everyone is bathed Tristan gets to play in the tub while I get Mickaela dressed and ready for bed. He usually starts squealing Mommyyyy!! When he is finished playing. Tonight's routine was the same except when I went in to get him from the tub he was standing up peeing and looked at me like "make it stop!" I pointed to the toilet and said "pee pee in the potty!" he quickly moved to the toilet and proceeded to PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!!!! I can't even begin to describe the joy and elation I had to hold in until he finished, as soon as he did I let out the loudest scream and jump for joy I think he's ever seen! There was a huge celebration dance and of course CHOCOLATE!!!

Now for Mickaela!

Our little miss has been crawling since she was 6 months old and we have expected her to start walking for months now she has had the balance she has been "cruising" the furniture for months. We have been trying to bribe her, show her, and encourage her for the whole time. Last Sunday Mick took Mickaela into our bedroom while I was getting ready for church and started the routine of standing her up and holding out his hands and saying "come to daddy Mickaela". All of a sudden I hear "Millie MILLIE...You missed IT!!!" As I turn the corner into the bedroom I see Mickaela in Mick's arms "SHE TOOK 2 STEPS!!" So of course, we sat her down and it was my turn, "come to Mommy!" and SHE DID!!! Later on that day she took steps for our friends Brandon and Katy. Such a big girl! I can't wait to watch her run I know she will be soon.

I have to say that God is good. I know that these may seem like simple things that all kids learn to do. But for me they are examples of God's grace in my life and a reminder that He is in control even when I wish things would happen in my time. But I must say the wait was worth it and in this case made the outcomes even sweeter!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Never to late...

When I was pregnant there was a night where I had to have popcorn not just any popcorn Cape Cod Popcorn...well my sweet husband a year later found some at our new fabulous Kroger (right by our house) and bought be 3 bags...its never to late to be great! WAY TO GO Honey!!


Don't worry they are already gone :/...YUM!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cleaning up quick...

I am pretty sure Clorox wipes were made by a mom...This is the thought I had as I was cleaning up after Mickaela's lunch today.



Don't worry I didn't actually use them on Mickaela...good ol' target brand baby wash did the trick on that. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Left Turns

About a month ago my brother made the remark, "I hate this. Everything is going to be different after this." It would be cathartic to explain the situation in detail, but there are other people involved, so it would not be fair to them. My hope is you don't have to have the details to know the kind of situation he was talking about, and maybe your own experience will be enough to allow the rest of this to make some sense.

Alex was talking about one of those situations with which everyone is familiar, where the brokenness of the world becomes evident, and the only choices remaining are bad ones. One of those human tragedies that sometimes come about as a direct result of our own decisions, and other times, they just happen. Out of nowhere life just takes a left turn. 

It seems like since the start of 2010, our family has had one of those moments every few days. There have been constant reminders of the consequences of sin, and we seem to have been right in the middle of all of them.

In times like this my instinct is to embrace self pity, and confusion; it is to wonder at the goodness of God in the face of the vileness of life. In short, my inclination is to react in pride, and sin, as though my desires and my happiness, and my version of "right" are the defining measure of the world. When I hurt, it is so easy to shrink God. It is a reflex to belittle Him, to regard Him as my servant and to consider the daily graces I take for granted as simply His duty.

In those moments the truth I become blind to is that behind, around, and in every hurt that has come my way, there are gracious gifts I have taken for granted. With family, the image of God in the people I love is the source of my affection for them, if I never loved them, their circumstances would not cause me pain. The simple reality of being able to wake up on a day where I receive bad news is a blessing. Being able to hear and understand the words that communicate the burden is a blessing. On a larger scale, being born a man consecrated to war against and minister to the pain and suffering in this world through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, AND to be an active agent in Christ's reconciliation of the world through the lives of those most dear to me, is a blessing. 

I wouldn't wish to suffocate rather than suffer this time, nor would I wish to be blind, deaf, or dumb rather than shoulder my cross. I don't wish to forsake my salvation because of this pain, and I don't wish to be helpless in the face of the hurt brought on those I love. I don't wish to lose the rich complicated blessing of that love, to spare myself the pain inherent in the relationship. God is telling a story. Our lives are part of it. They aren't the purpose of it.

He is the Alpha, and Omega. All things find their beginning and end in God. His love and mercy blot out our transgressions, we find our joy in singing the praises of His grace. He is the purpose. I AM, He Is.

As for me, I am simply alive now and gone tomorrow. Mine is a shallow reality, and it would be a shallow life that found its purpose in me.

The capstone in all of this is, if you take enough left turns you can actually go from being lost to being right where you want to be. It is not lost on me that I remain His and continue to receive daily blessings despite my sinful bent, nor is it forgotten that others may come to know Him or love Him more through their own tribulation. This omnipresent kinetic redemption is the greatest victory of the cross, and most evident proof of God's mercy in this life. It is the true Ministry of Reconciliation constantly renewing all things to the righteousness of Christ, and sparing us from the repercussions of our rebellion.

It brings me great encouragement to confess, and remember this in writing.